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Jason Call

Jason Call

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If you’ve already read how to maximize your handyman website and want to start posting online regularly, you might be wondering what exactly to post. We frequently get asked what type of content is best for marketing your business, so use the following guide when posting to your handyman Facebook business account.

People like pictures.

Lots of pictures. We have Fortune 500 companies completely dedicated to pictures. Because people like pictures so much, it’s important to include a high-quality image with almost everything you post. What kind of pictures should you use for these posts? Here are some examples:

Pictures of Handyman Jobs

Pictures of work you’ve done in the past or work you’re currently doing. It’s a great way of showcasing your skill set to potential customers who may be checking out your Facebook page.

Here we have The Benecia Handyman. He’s done a good job of documenting this dry-rot repair and tagged the job location. This is a great post because his work on display and with the added location tag he’s now made this post more visible to people living in Walnut Creek.

Happy Handyman Pro has posted a pictures of a gable vent he installed. His pictures look good and he’s included hashtags. Hashtags (#) are used to mark Facebook posts for certain topics. Things like #Handyman #GutterCleaning #Painting and #DoorRepair will help make your post more noticeable for related search terms.

Note: hashtags are more relevant for businesses on Instagram than Facebook.

Derrynane Handyman posted these photos of baseboard trim. The post includes a few pictures and a description of the job. In his description, Derrynane Handyman mentions a growing appreciation for the work and how he learned a new skill. Customers like seeing a professional who is always trying to better themselves and their craft.

Giving customers  examples of your work helps establish credibility. Eddie created a collage using before and after photos of a damaged door frame he repaired. This type of post allows people to see your skills with one simple picture. Most smartphones have the ability to create photo collages, or you can use third party software, like Pixlr.

Credentials, Service Advertisements, & Helpful Tips

You may not always have pictures of past jobs you’ve done. If you’re just getting started, you may not have any pictures at all. This doesn’t mean you should neglect posting online. Sharing advertisements for your services, credentials you’ve obtained, or helpful tips for homeowners can help build that connection between you and the customer.

You probably recognize Honest Lee Handyman from his Facebook groups and Youtube channel. Honest Lee does a fantastic job of consistently posting content through his pages. This keeps him at top-of-mind when people in his area need handyman services. In this picture Allen is advertising his door replacement services. He’s included a photo of himself in front of a door. Once again, this touches on how much customers like seeing people.

Posting pictures of your own work is always a solid option. But, if you’re just getting started, you may not have many pictures at your disposal. That’s ok. You can use stock images until you get pictures of your own. Happy Handyman Pro used this picture of a fence with an advertisement for summer proofing a home. He also did a great job by linking his website.

Eddie of all trades is back with his picture collage of light fixture installs. Not only does this showcase various forms of his work, it advertises that he offers free estimates. Notice the website link.

Part of building your reputation as an honest and reliable handyman requires proof of ability and credentials. You can do this many ways, but some good places to start include getting reviews from satisfied customers, obtaining a business license, getting insured, and posting pictures of your various credentials. PJP Handyman has created a picture collage that includes his contractor’s license, business card, and a photo of his work. This is a great way to showcase the skills and credentials you bring to the table.

If you subscribe to contractor blogs or other useful homeowner websites you probably receive articles like this frequently. Happy Handyman Pro shared this article for people with allergies. It’s relatable, professional, and shows that he is always learning more about his craft.

Community Engagement & Personal Pictures

People who see your page may or may not know you personally.  If a new customer finds your Facebook business page you want them to not only see your skills and capabilities, but the personal side of your business. Sharing photos of yourself and family, or beneficial stories about the local community shows potential customers that you’re an active member of the area with solid values. 

Regardless of what business you run, occasionally posting photos of you and your family adds a personal touch. People want a handyman they can trust and rely on. Showing that you’re more than just a business will help build a personal connection between you and your customers. PJP Handyman does a great job here by posting a picture of him with his wife and dog during the holidays.

People probably don’t think you’re doing handyman work 24/7. They want to see the human side of you, and showing pictures of you relaxing or enjoying a hobby can also be great post material. Keep in mind, these pictures should still be business friendly. You can post pictures of you fishing, but let’s remember to keep it semi-professional.

Honest Lee Handyman posted this picture to honor and respect veterans who fought for our freedom. Lee works with Frank, a veteran, and he shared this post on Veteran’s Day to show appreciation for all those who served. If you’re involved with a community organization, volunteer your time, or just want to show appreciation for members of your community, creating a similar post is a great way of displaying that.

Additional Ideas For Posts

When it comes to creating posts for you page, you’re not limited to the type of posts we’ve listed here. There are plenty of ways to engage with your customer base. The most important thing to remember is posting consistency. Other topics to post on could include:

  • Ads for specials. Think, “10% off light fixture installation” or “Winter Window Sealing Special”
  • Links to local small businesses. This could be a partnership you share, or just promoting a friend’s business. Cross promotion is a great way of finding new customers in your area
  • Links to special cause. If you support the local human society or other charitable causes, occasionally displaying that support helps humanize your business to customers. It also shows your care about more than just making money, and that resonates with people
  • Safety photos. Have you done a job where electrical wiring wasn’t safe? Take a “before” picture and make a post describing how dangerous this could be and how you can help solve the problem
  • Funny photos. Did you spill paint on yourself while on a job? Was there a goofy dog at the house you worked on? Pictures of these things can make your page more personal and relatable to customers

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