Our websites come equipped with modern, cutting-edge features that make them perform as best as possible, on many different fronts:

  • Design – this relates to the look and feel of the website
  • SEO – these features positively impact your website within Google search rankings
  • Marketing – marketing features are tools that ultimately benefit your business’s overall online marketing presenceĀ 
  • Miscellaneous – we have a few features that are just cool and unique


Positive visitor experience

Visually appealing design that creates an enjoyable user experience and positively represents your business.

mobile responsive handyman website

Device responsive

Your website looks great on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Our mobile sites have a custom header that allows visitors to easily call you with one click.

customized website design

100% Custom design

We don’t use themes, templates, or other pre-packaged, restrictive framework. This allows us to build completely custom sites – design, layout, motion, images, text, you name it!Ā 

image slider on contractor website


Before & After Image Slider

This one is just cool so it gets a special mention on our features page…

Before After


Keyword rich, not keyword stuffed

Everyone has been to a website that is plastered with keywords – it doesn’t feel genuine. Further, it creates a negative user experience which is likely shown in behavioral traffic data (ex: average time-on-site is well below average). Search engines began penalizing these websites as SEO has evolved to become more than just spamming keywords. Keywords are still important though.Ā 

We blend your most valuable keywords seamlessly into the website. This produces better search engine results without diluting the visitor experience.

Lightning fast website speed

Site speed is an important factor in SEO; our websites are lightweight so your site runs fast. Our website framework was built from the ground-up with no themes, templates, and unnecessary components that slow websites down.

Additionally, our premium website hosting servers hold to the highest industry standards in speed and security.

Increased Google map visibility

Your website is connected to your Google My Business (or, Google Business Page) which gives you higher visibility in the Google Local Pack and Google Maps. This strong connection is made by adding “Local Schema Markup” to your website. Your website can also be shown in search results with a star rating, phone number, and other eye-catching snippets that garner more clicks.

tags on handyman websites

Proper tag usage

Proper usage of Meta Tags (title and description) and Alt Tags will instantly get your website in better standing than a majority of small business websites today. Meta Tags communicate to search engines what is on a page. Alt Tags are attached to images to communicate what the image is, and naturally have keywords. We write custom Tags for all your pages and images so search engines can better index your site for related keywords. Note: You can see these “tags” in action on a Google Search Results Page – Title Tag is blue, Description Tag is underneath.Ā 

website secure with ssl certificate

webSite security

Like speed and load time, website security is an ever-increasing factor in a website’s ability to rank high in search engines. All our websites come with a custom SSL encryption, smart IP blocking, malware protection and daily backups. Notice the “https://” and green padlock in the browser window.


handyman website comes with an estimate form for website visitors

Lead capture form

The ultimate goal of your website is to produce leads. Your website will come equipped with an Estimate Form that captures customer information: name, phone number, email, address, job description, and anything else you’d like to gather. These forms are automatically sent to any email(s) you’d like.Ā 

social media integration with handyman website

Social media integration

We add a Facebook Live Feed so your Facebook posts automatically publish to your website. We also add social icons throughout your site to exposure visitors to your social media channels, which increases your followers over-time. Additionally, if you have other online profiles (ex: HomeAdvisor, Nextdoor, Thumbtack, etc.) we link those, as it’s beneficial to your site’s SEO.

live chat website tool

Live Chat (Free add-on)

We offer a free, live-chat application that is connected to your Facebook Business Page. If you are active on Facebook, this is a great tool. When someone types into the Live Chat bubble, it is automatically sent to your Facebook Messages where you carry the conversation. Common Live Chat tools require a customer service representative to respond quickly. This tool allows you to respond at your convenience on Facebook.

email marketing integration with website

Email Marketing Integration (Free add-on)

If you’d like to send a newsletter to your customers and leads, we can integrate your Lead Form with a MailChimp account. MailChimp is a free, easy-to-use email marketing platform to stay top-of-mind with your customer base. You can send a newsletter to your database in less than 5 mins. Additionally, we can design a pop-up to encourage email signups – this works well with an offer (ex: 10% off your first job).


website traffic data

Website traffic data (Free add-on)

Understanding fundamental website traffic data is critical to assessing your online marketing efforts. We can install Google Analytics on your website so you can access this data.
thank you

Thank You Page

After a visitor submits a Lead Form, they’ll be directed to a Thank You page that thanks them by name. This is an added layer of professionalism that creates a more personal interaction. At this point, the visitor is also encouraged to follow your social media accounts.

customer website support

Friendly Customer Support

When you trust us with your website, you’ll gain a new team member for your business. You can always reach out to ask us a question, add project photos, a new review, or whatever else you’d like. Through our years of working with handyman businesses, we’ve accrued a wealth of marketing-related knowledge that we freely pass that along.

Without your success, we are not successful. We do everything we can to help your business succeed – we are here to help!

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