Handyman Web Design works exclusively with Handyman and Remodeling Businesses.

Why is this important?

Because we’ve taken all the guesswork out of internet marketing for your specific business, and understand exactly what works! 

Below you’ll find an overview of the 3 programs we offer. They have been thoughtfully crafted over the years based on experience, and real results, working with hundreds of handyman and remodeling companies across the US.

These programs are structured to build off of each other!

After you do your homework, be sure to schedule a free strategy session. We will go over the specifics of how our team can implement these proven marketing strategies to scale your business.


Are you a new business? Maybe you’re getting your ducks in a row before officially launching? The Startup Marketing Program is made for you!

You’ll be equipped with a website optimized for search and conversion, and sure to make a great first impression!

A professional website is an investment you can’t afford not to make. You can sleep well knowing that all your hard work marketing your new business is being maximized by your 24/7/365 internet salesman and lead generator.

startup handyman marketing program


The Growth Marketing Program focuses on the essentials of a robust digital marketing plan. It combines short-term lead generation with on-going SEO which is a formula for steady growth.

This program is a good fit for:

  • “one man bands” that stay consistently booked, but want to grow and add employees
  • handyman businesses with 1-3 people on their team
growth handyman marketing program


Our Prominence Marketing Program creates “omnipresence” for your handyman business – residents in your service area won’t be able to NOT see you!

We do this by combining SEO, PPC lead generation ads, Facebook ads, and retargeting. (Retargeting ads follow your website visitors across the internet.)

This plan is a good fit for businesses with a team of 3+ that want a reliable partner for their digital marketing.

dominance handyman marketing program