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Handyman Websites

We offer two website packages for professional handyman, contractor and skilled trades businesses: Essential and Pro.

While both plans have their differences, they serve the same foundational purpose: to increase online visibility, drive leads, and be a valuable tool for your business.

Design & maintenance Fee

$199 + $44/mo.

Good fit for:¬†new businesses, businesses that don’t require an expansive website (mostly work on referrals and word-of-mouth), and tech-savvy owners who fully leverage social media and other marketing platforms

Essential website plan

Many businesses don’t require an expansive website, or are starting their web presence on a budget. Our Essential Website Plan has everything you need, from both a customer and business perspective.

website details:

  • Landing page (one page)
  • includes All website features
  • Custom Design that fits your business & vision
  • Looks great on mobile phones
  • Estimate Form
  • Embed Your YouTube Videos
  • Premium Speed Website Hosting
  • site security, Daily backups & custom SSL encryption (green padlock in browser)
  • Ongoing maintenance, Updates & customer support

Sample Sites:

Be sure to view both mobile & desktop versions

Design & maintenance Fee

$499 + $74/mo.

Good fit for: established businesses, growing businesses, businesses who want an expansive website

Pro website plan

Our Pro websites are expansive websites that are, size-wise, what you are most used to seeing online. They have a menu with a drop-down list of services and multiple service area landing pages to expand your online geographic footprint.

website details:

  • Up to 18 Pages
  • includes All website features
  • Custom Design that fits your business & vision
  • looks great on mobile phones
  • estimate form
  • Embed your youtube videos
  • Premium Speed Website Hosting
  • site security, Daily backups & custom SSL encryption (green padlock in browser)
  • Ongoing maintenance, Updates & customer support
  • Expands online footprint by targeting multiple service areas
  • thanks customers by name after submitting an estimate form
  • Service-specific photos galleries (great for contractors & remodelers to showcase work)
  • We'll optimize & post a monthly project summary to your blog - just send us the content! (great for SEO)

sample sites:

Be sure to view both mobile & desktop versions

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Schedule a call or submit a Get Started form and we will give you our honest feedback. Working with handyman and contractors is what we do, so we have a good grasp on what can work best in your situation.

Overall, when it comes to your website, we handle it. The monthly fee includes:

  • Ongoing Changes & Additions – Have a recently completed project that you want to highlight on your website? Simply send us your project photos, customer reviews, seasonal specials, and anything else you’d like on your website and we’ll take care of it. When we release new features you’ll be notified and have an opportunity to add that functionality to your site.
  • Monthly maintenance & updates – like phones and computers, websites need regular updates to ensure security and proper functionality
  • Premium website hosting
  • Site security, malware protection, daily backups and SSL encryption
  • Highly rated customer service – we are here for you, and truly care about your success.¬†
  • Domain management (optional) – if you don’t have a domain and don’t care to worry about that process, we’ll take care of it for you! We manage and renew most of our customers’ domains as part of our service. Of course, promptly after securing your domain, we grant you ownership rights within our preferred domain registrar (Google Domains).¬†Note: we do not transfer a domain you have already secured.

No. Just the setup fee to design the website, and the monthly fee that covers the above-mentioned benefits. 

If you have updates and changes that exceed the scope of our monthly service, we will be upfront in communicating that with you. This is a very rare occurrence.

No. Our service is month-to-month and you can cancel any time.

Yes. We take website hosting seriously because of its increasingly growing relevance in SEO. (Google wants to return search results that are fast and secure.) Your website will be hosted on a virtual private server (VPS) that provides premium speed and security. 

No. We’ll build your new site on a “temporary domain” so that your current site stays online. When we’re finished we “flip the switch” and your new website will replace your old one.

Our ideal customer is looking for a reliable, trustworthy partner to handle all their website needs. When you work with us, you are gaining a member of your team. We have come to learn that this is what our customers most value: having a trusted ally in managing the foundation of their online presence – their website.

If you are a contractor, remodeler, electrician, or other skilled tradesman – yes we can help you!

“But my business is very different than a handyman business?” Sure, your service output is different, but you share the same customer – a homeowner that recognizes the value in maintaining and improving their most valuable asset (their home).

In marketing, the customer is the most important element. Everything revolves around the customer. Because all these various businesses share the same customer, the foundational elements that make our websites effective remains the same. 

Overall, we understand your customer on a similar level as we understand a handyman’s customer; and therefor, we can bring value to your business through our website design.

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