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Jason Call

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Handyman Marketing Checklist

Below are a list of items that we recommend doing to grow your handyman business. Working together, all of these strategies will over-time develop a strong digital presence and allow you to create lifelong customer relationships and referral networks.

Facebook Business Page

-Nice looking cover image (use Canva.com to create one)
-Logo, truck/trailer, or "bright, smiling face" as profile picture
-Post project photo(s) EVERY DAY you are on the job, and link post to website
-Promptly respond to comments and messages
-Ask customers to leave a Facebook review
-Create and connect Instagram account to double-post

Yelp Page

-Promptly respond to messages
-Ask Yelp customers to leave a review

Google Business Page

-Properly setup and optimize (we have a guide for this on our blog)
-Ask customers to leave a Google review

Signup For Free Online Directories

-Yellow Pages
-Angie's List
-Social Media

Join local community groups and regularly show up

-Chamber of commerce
-Real estate and property management associations
-Other networking groups

Pass out business cards or flyers to customers' neighbors

Direct all inquiries/leads to website

-Phone calls and texts
-Voicemail that directs inquiries to website
-Facebook messages
-Yelp messages

Provide excellent customer service

-Promptly respond to calls and messages
-Show up on time
-Follow-up after completing a job (perfect time to ask for a review!)

What to expect after filling out this form:

I will give you a call within one business day to accomplish the following items:
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  • Solidify the best website plan for you
  • If you don't currently have a website, we will go over domain options
  • I will fully inform you on the process and what I need to serve you and your business

Please Note: we currently only serve customers in the United States & Canada

jason call owner of handyman web design

Thank you for your interest in our websites, and I look forward to talking with you! Note: average turnaround from start-to-launch is 5-10 business days.

-Jason Call, Owner of Handyman Web Design