If you have a question that isn’t answered here, or elsewhere on the website, please feel free to contact us. You can schedule a call here, or text WEBSITE to (530) 492-0223.

For a personalized response, you can schedule a call and we can cover that with you.

In most cases, this is how we’d describe the best fit:

Essential Plan:

Good for new businesses because:

  • It’s more affordable
  • There won’t be significant amounts of traffic in the short-term, so the SEO benefit (as compared to the Pro Plan) is relatively small.

Note: if the new business has a budget for Google Ads, which we offer as a service, (or another form of driving traffic and leads) we recommend considering the Pro Plan.

Also it works well for businesses of one – or “one man bands” – that prefer to stay solo. In our experience, these businesses mostly work on word-of-mouth. Having a professional landing page that clients can refer their friends and family to will greatly benefit them.

Pro Plan:

Good for established and growing businesses because:

  • Search engine traffic (from better SEO of this plan) will grow over time, resulting in more organic leads and business growth
  • For bigger businesses, customers will expect a bigger website with more information about services


Best website plan for contractors because:

  • There are a lot more keywords to target for a contractor (remodeling, kitchen/bathroom/home remodeling, general contractor, etc.) and the Pro Plan can target all relevant keywords
  • With individual pages dedicated to services (ex: bathroom remodeling) you can showcase your work with service-specific photo galleries.

Overall, when it comes to your website, we handle it. The monthly fee includes:

  • Ongoing changes & additions – Have a recently completed project that you want to highlight on your website? Simply send us your project photos, customer reviews, seasonal specials, and anything else you’d like on your website and we’ll take care of it. 
  • Monthly maintenance & updates – like phones and computers, websites need regular updates to ensure security and proper functionality.
  • Premium website hosting – your website is hosted on Google Cloud Servers and will run extremely fast. This is beneficial for both customer experience and SEO.
  • Top of the line site security, malware protection, daily backups and SSL encryption.
  • Highly rated customer service – we are here for you, and truly care about your success. 
  • Domain management (optional) – if you don’t have a domain and don’t care to worry about that process, we’ll take care of it for you! We manage and renew most of our customers’ domains as part of our service. 

No. Just the setup fee to design the website, and the monthly fee that covers the above-mentioned benefits. 

No. Our service is month-to-month and you can cancel any time.

If you cancel service, we will provide you with the following:

  • a ZIP Folder with all website files – this is a standard file that can be uploaded to another web host
  • and (if applicable) initiate domain transfer and provide all necessary information for successful transfer.

Yes most certainly! Also, if we secure and manage the domain on your behalf, you have full ownership. 

Yes. We take website hosting seriously because of its increasingly growing relevance in SEO. (Google wants to return search results that are fast and secure.) 

No. We’ll build your new site on a “temporary domain” so that your current site stays online. When we’re finished we “flip the switch” and your new website will replace your old one.

Our ideal customer is looking for a reliable, trustworthy partner to handle all their website needs. When you work with us, you are gaining a member of your team. We have come to learn that this is what our customers most value: having a trusted ally in managing the foundation of their online presence – their website.

If you are a contractor, remodeler, woodworker, or other skilled tradesman – yes we can help you!

Because of a shared “customer profile” (a homeowner), and identical web design and local SEO needs, we can create an awesome, effective website for your business.